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It is not difficult to maintain a ceramic coating on your car

Team Hyper's experts in Vaughan, Ontario, Canada specialize in the aesthetic ceramic coating and paint protection film (PPF) options for your vehicle.

A ceramic coating and PPF is a sacrificial barrier on top of your vehicle's surface. However, proper maintenance is required to ensure your protective solution performs for the years that is stated. A 5-year ceramic coating can start to under perform at year 3 if it is not cared for properly. Furthermore, a 3-year ceramic coating may have the ability to perform longer than it's stated if is properly maintained.

Here are our best tips on how to maintain a ceramic coated car and ensure it performs and looks amazing for a long time.

It is recommended to wash the vehicle that is coated with ceramic protection every two weeks. This ensures the contaminants do not build up and degrade the integrity of the ceramic nano coating. The hydrophobic properties, gloss, and shine can be otherwise be affected.

Automated Car Washes
  • Do not use any automated car wash with brushes. The brushes in these car washes are very abrasive and can physically damage your ceramic nano coating. Touch-less car washes are okay but do not add any after-wash options such as spray-waxes.

  • Use PH Neutral car shampoo and “2 Buckets Wash Method”

  • For optimal performance, the vehicle should be washed semi-monthly to prevent excessive build-up of contaminates on the surfaces.

  • Do not wash the vehicle in direct sunlight as it may cause streaking and water spots to appear.

  • Wash the vehicle from top to bottom, cleaning the heavy contaminated areas last.

  • Always utilize another set of mitt or sponges for the vehicle’s wheels.

  • Always dry vehicle with clean and high quality microfiber towels, and if possible avoid leaving it to dry under direct sunlight. This will reduce and minimize the risk of water-spot etching

  • Never apply pressure when drying the vehicle with clean microfiber towels, allow the towel to absorb to moisture from the surfaces.

Stain and Spot Removal
  • Do not use aggressive/abrasive products to polish the surfaces in order to remove stains and spots.

  • Do not use excessive pressure to remove stains and spots.

  • Bug Splatter, Tree Sap, Bird droppings etc. should be cleaned off as quickly as possible to minimize staining to the surfaces.

Leather and Fabric Care
  • Leather and vinyl surfaces should be cleaned semi-monthly to prevent excessive build-up of contaminates on the surfaces.

  • For fabrics and carpets, vacuum often to ensure contaminates do not build-up under the surfaces.

  • For any spills onto leather, vinyl, and fabric, wipe off the contents as quickly as possible to prevent stains.

Annual Inspections

Annual Inspection is a requirement for your warranty to last the duration of the listed term for each respective product. Annual Inspection ensures the product is maintained properly and to ensure maximum performance and longevity


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