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When you only want your paint shiny and price is the highest priority, then the Enhancement is what you want. The intent is to improve the richness of the paint and gloss at an affordable price range. The process includes full decontamination of the paint and wheels, clay-barring to remove bonded contaminants and provide the best surface for the wax to bond to, one step polish to improve the paint finish, and protecting with a durable sacrificial barrier.This isn’t about perfection, although on some car with minimal defects, the Enhancement is all that is needed to achieve perfection. Our free evaluation can help you determine this.

Paint correction can be defined as improving the paint through a subtractive process. There are 3 levels. Level One, Two, and Three. Consider the Minor Paint Correction to be a step up from the Enhancement Detail where paint flaws are addressed. Each Paint Correction level corrects more defects than the other.

This is a permanent fix that won't fade or go away in a few months. However the paint will still be susceptible to scratching and swirling, so the "perfected finish" may appear to "go away" because your maintenance process has introduced new scratches and defects to the paint.

Regardless of the chosen service, your paint, glass, and wheels will be thoroughly cleaned and decontaminated before using the claying process to remove bonded contaminants that can impede the effectiveness of the final chosen protection.

Your paint has a finite thickness and can only sustain paint correction a limited amount of times. This is why we need to see your car in person at our shop for a free evaluation to determine which level will give your paint the best results.


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