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Hyper Detailing Co believes that proper maintenance is the best preventative measure when it comes to taking care of your car, and it doesn’t have to be expensive. It is very important that you care for your car, because if not done correctly, cleaning and detailing your car every month will lead to expensive repairs to the paint, exterior, and interior of your car in the future. Every month you should have a set schedule that you follow in order to keep your car in tip-top shape! Hence the monthly car detailing.



The list below will show you an example of what best practices are to keep a vehicle looking as good as new for as long as possible without having to repaint any paint fading, or replacing any worn car parts in the future. This monthly regimen will save you thousands in labor costs alone in the long run and will keep your vehicle looking at its best.

You can either follow this list or hire a Hyper Detailing Co professional to detail your vehicle every month to save time and money over the lifetime of your vehicle. These are all simple tasks that you can do yourself when taking the time each month which will help prolong the life of your vehicle and the investment that you’ve made.

Taking great care of your car may not always lead to a high resale value, but it will save you thousands in upkeep and repairs that go along with owning a vehicle over time.

Monthly Maintenance

Interior + Exterior Treatment

After your first full detail with us you can opt-in for our monthly maintenance cleaning service.

– Hand wash the exterior with a pH balanced soap applied with a sponge or soft mitt.

– Address the tire walls and rims with a degreaser and brake dust cleaner.

– Wash the car thoroughly by removing all soap residue utilizing a car safe pressure washer.

– Use high-quality microfiber towels for drying so you don’t scratch the paintwork or trim around your vehicle.

– Protect your vehicles paint work by applying a ceramic spray coating for a deep gloss shine.

– On the interior we provide a full wipe down of all surfaces, a quick vacuum and an air freshener treatment.

– We go over all interior glass with a specialized automotive glass cleaner made to remove any streaks and grime.

– Lastly, we detail all floor matts and apply a non-slip coating for added protection.

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