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Windshield Nano Coating in Vaughan

Powered By ITEKT 

The latest windshield technology for driving safely


ITEKT Windshield Nanotechnology Protection


A protective coating lasting 1 year

The Benefits of a Windshield Ceramic Coating:

• Water repellent up to one year
• Helps to repel dirt, snow, ice and insects
• 20% superior shatter and scratch resistance
• Improved visibility during harsh weather conditions
• Flawless, streak-free finish
• Silicone-free
• No discoloration with UV light
• Reduces washer fluid consumption


For any car owner, a car is one of the biggest and most important investments in life. So why not protect your investment and provide it with the required and deserved TLC, while ensuring your own safety and security?


During the test, we discovered that our revolutionary iTEKT Windshield hydrophobic liquid glass protector helps that water, oil and dirt will not stick to the glass, while providing additional benefits for you and your vehicle:


The Science Behind iTEKT Windshield

ITEKT windshield does not use silicone, oil, grease or other harsh chemicals. It is the most effective, durable but environmentally friendly liquid glass protection on the market today.

Mainly made of sand (silica (SiO2)) compressed at the molecular level, ITEKT uses the power of science and nanotechnology to design a unique liquid glass formulation that has been laboratory tested and proven to act as a natural shield. When applied, ITEKT’s innovative liquid glass coating fills the pores and perfectly combines with the windshield, leaving a flawless finish that is completely invisible to the naked eye and touch. After drying, this coating will generate an electric charge, which helps to repel water, dirt, frost, etc., so you can drive safely, reduce the use of washer fluid, and protect you and your family.

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