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What do ceramic or nano coatings cost and how do you know if you should pay the price? Let’s get some clear answers...

Below we've given a simple breakdown of average ceramic/nano coating prices based on vehicle size and average coating choice (5 year ceramic/nano coating protection)​

Car/Small SUV: $1250-$1500 

Standard SUV/Truck/Jeep: $1500-$1800 

XL SUV/Truck/Jeep: $1750-$2000

15 Passenger Vehicles: Custom

Boat/Watercraft: Custom

Do we offer different options for protection?


Why Are Protective Coatings So Expensive?

To better understand ceramic/nano coating prices, it’s important to understand what is required in order to apply a ceramic coating properly. By the way... in case you aren’t a reader, we’ve attached a video here to SHOW YOU!

It’s a very intensive and detailed process. The long term paint protection can range depending on what your needs are. It’s like when you buy a new car, you start with the base package and then you add-on different options.


Preparing, polishing and ceramic coating a vehicle can take anywhere from 2 to 3 days to finish depending on the size of the vehicle. A doctor goes to school for 8-12 years before they ever treat a person. Most of the work is in the PREP! While there is a lot of technical skill included in the coating application... most of the time and labor is done in the preparation

To better understand ceramic coating prices, it’s important to understand what is required in order to apply a ceramic coating properly


Let me just explain to you our process because the way we do things is completely different than any other shop


1. The first step is when your car comes in for a consultation or I go to you to look at it and determine what your car needs

2. I will personally conduct an inspection from top to bottom and bumper to bumper. I will make a record of any and all imperfections in your paint including scratches, chips, and swirls down to the smallest detail. 

3. Here is Canada... we get rain, snow, ice, hail, tornadoes, pollen, bugs, and pretty much anything else you can think of that would damage car paint! For that reason, it’s necessary for us to go through a decontamination and paint polishing stage prior to the coating application in order to remove the imperfections, and create a smooth surface for the ceramic coating to bond.


1. Before installing a nano coating, and before doing ANYTHING, we have to ensure that the paint is not only clean, but completely stripped bare! The 5 major preparation stages start with the decontamination. 

2. We will wash your car with special soaps, alcohol and solvent baths that will remove any chemicals that could potentially affect your final results. Then we will cover every inch of your vehicle's paint surface with a specialized clay bar in order to remove any harsh micro debris. 

3. Now that the car paint has been completely cleaned and stripped in preparation for the nano coating, it’s time to level out the clear coat and remove imperfections! Because, any little imperfection that is in the paint is there to stay as soon as the coating is applied.


1. The next step is the paint polishing

2. There are 2 major types of paint correction: An Enhancement & Multi-Stage Correction

3. Swirls and scratches are unsightly and annoying, especially in the sunlight. This is when we polish the paint until the imperfections are leveled and minimized. Any deep scratches will not be removed by a simple paint enhancement, but it will remove a majority of the swirling. Also, by removing the oxidation, the deep color and clarity of your paint will come back as well. This is necessary to create a smooth surface for the coating to bond to the paint. Even the most surface level of paint enhancement will extend the life of the ceramic coating, create a beautiful surface, and maximize your money


1. The 4th step is the actual protective nano coating 

2. In this step, we will be using a product called Revivify Coatings for the exterior of your vehicle. This is the highest quality product on the market. Some people go with cheaper products so they can make more profit but I rather use a product that I know is going to last the longest and give the best results. 

3. That is why this company offers a warranty with their product. This process takes some time because the coating needs to cure after it’s applied, which is a fancy word for dry. So during the curing process, I will take care of the add-on wheel, glass or interior protection, in order to give you our signature finish



1. The 5th Step is Quality Control Inspection and Media

2. This is where we go through every inch of your vehicle to make sure that everything has been done to the highest quality standard. 

3. When you see your car for the first time when we are done you will be amazed at how pristine your vehicle looks. The best part about it is it will stay that way for the number of years you want it for. We stand behind all our work and use social media to our advantage. We boast and post, we show off work because we love what we do and our client’s love seeing their vehicles featured. We don’t hide anything


1. The final step is the maintenance and inspection

2. After you pick up the car, we ask that you not wash it. It will allow the coating to continue hardening and then after 2-3 weeks, bring it back for a free maintenance wash so we can inspect it. 

3. After that, we ask you to come back once a year for a maintenance chemical wash to make sure your coating is working at it’s best. Over a year, a thin film of invisible grime builds on top of your coating and a normal wash will not remove that. With all nice things in life, if you don’t take care of it, it may not last as long. Like a car, you need to do oil changes, brakes, and all of that

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