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Refine the clarity of your paint. Whether you own a classic or new car, swirl marks and scratches completely diminish the true beauty of your car. Even the smallest, faintest surface scratches need to be removed to appreciate the color and depth of your paint.


At Hyper Detailing Co, we have a team of highly experienced paint correction experts that are trained to safely remove the top layer of damaged paint to reveal the deep rich gloss we are all looking for.


Swirls and scratches are unsightly and annoying, especially in the sunlight. As light bounces off your paint, all your should be seeing is the luster and true color of your car.

A paint correction is needed to return your cars’ paint to its original beauty, and to a state where it can be protected by either a ceramic coating of paint protection film. If you have an older vehicle, a paint correction can actually increase the value of the car by saving the original paint.


Paint correction is quite simple in theory, very difficult in execution. The swirls and scratches you see are actually in just the top layer of paint called your clear coat. By shaving down the top layer of damaged clear coat, we can effectively remove any defects from the paint.


How we remove that top layer of paint requires years of experience. We use a series of polishing machines, compounds, and, when needed, sanding, to safely remove defects from the clear coat. This exposes a new, fresh layer of paint ready for protection!



Every vehicle that requires a paint correction, goes through an extensive cleansing and decontamination process before we begin working on the paint. Once the vehicle is prepared, it is time to inspect the paint, and perform one of the following correction packages. The existing condition of the paint and the desired outcome will determine which package is best for you and the car.

  • Wheel Detailing

  • Hand Wash + Dry

  • Chemical Fallout Removal

  • Clay Bar

  • Alcohol Bath

  • Taping Sensitive Plastics and Trim



Multi-stage paint corrections require several rounds of polishing to remove heavier swirls and scratches from the paint. This service is recommended for older cars that are black or darker in color.

Multi-stage paint correction is a more aggressive paint enhancement. When we are dealing with a vehicle whose paint is REALLY DAMAGED, or a customer who has a detailed eye, we will perform paint correction in order to remove the maximum amount of scratches, swirls, etchings, and paint imperfections as possible. Once again, this is necessary not only for visual appeal, but to create a smooth surface with which the protective coating can bond to the paint

paint enhancement

This standard option is perfect for refreshing an already well maintain vehicle that has some minor surface scratches showing through. Most new cars will benefit from this treatment, as dealerships are known to installing some fine scratches from washing and wiping the car before delivery.


Any deep scratches will not be removed by a simple paint enhancement, but it will remove a majority of the swirling. Also, by removing the oxidation, the deep color and clarity of your paint will come back as well. This is necessary to create a smooth surface for the protection to bond to the paint. Even the most surface level of paint enhancement will extend the life of the protective ceramic/nano coating, create a beautiful surface, and maximize your money

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